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Charlie Ragonesi

Winter in the North Georgia Mountains

In our area we have snow birds and half backs. These are folks who are just tired of winter and are looking for a place to escape the relentless cold and dreary winter days.  These folks start out as snow birds.

A snow bird is some one who passes through our area on their way to Florida in the winter. Florida in the winter is dry warm and breezy. Especially in the Southern part of the state. Those snow birds move and after 2 or 3 summers some of them become half backs.

I have back is someone who moves North but not all the way back north to where they came from in the first place. Some luck folks have a home in Florida for the winter and a home further North in the summer. This leads us to why the North Georgia Mountains are such a great place to live year round


Here is what happened in our mountains on Saturday  of this past week:

Snow 2013

Yes around 1 pm in the afternoon the snow started to fall. This is taken around 5 pm from my front porch.

Snow 2013

Here we are looking out into our woods. The scene is white and wonderful. The snow is beautiful. We get the wood burning stove going and sit back and relax enjoying the beauty of nature.

Now here we are Monday morning  (2 days later)

Snow 2013

Here we are at sunrise on Monday Morning. Now forget about how great the sunrise is, if you can. Where is the snow ?


Snow 2013

Here we are a little later. The North Georgia mountains give you the winter wonderland experience . They save you the dreary relentless cold and snow. I guess if you are a snow skier this is not a good thing. But if you love 4 seasons it is great. And oh yes Big Canoe has underground utilities so the power stayed on through out the event.

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